Friday, November 23, 2012

Seven Quick Takes: Advent hyperventillating

1. I really need to get that Advent exchange parcel sent. I may enlist my mother, because I'm not dragging all the kids to the post office.

2.Must fill Advent calendars. We have these awesome ones Geoff's stepmom made for the kids last year- they're boxes covered with little drawers. So cool.

3. I don't think I got any sleep last night. Thomas, babies, early waking.

4. We could totally go to the dollar store and pick up four purple candles today. I can do it. With all the kids.

5. Am genius- can cut some branches from the cedar out back to decorate the mantle.Okay, not genius, but my decorating capacity, especially seasonal decoration, is nearly nil, so this

6. Am being hit with a sleep-deprived desire to move furniture. Must resist. That way lies frustration.

7. I wonder what Thomas is doing upstairs, banging doors and crying?

Go see Jen!

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