Friday, November 16, 2012

Seven Quick Takes: Nothing Earth Shaking Edition

1. There should probably have been a hyphen between earth and shaking.

2. Lorraine went home yesterday after a lovely visit, during which i took both boys to the Royal Ontario Museum, and witnessed just how fast my offspring can run in different directions. I'll post pictures later, and i hope you appreciate them, because it was very difficult to capture anything on a camera while running to prevent Thomas from mauling the dinosaurs/Ming dynasty tomb/Egyptian stonework.

3. Had a visit with Steph and her kids Charlie and Chloe, who are lovely and sweet and so quiet and well-behaved that it made my boys look more like little savage barbarians than usual, although Steph generously remarked that they were very good at sharing.

4. She makes amazing and authentic spice-studded curry, and I either want her to make it for me all the time, or to give me the recipe.

5. I am reading Heather King's Shirt of Flame, which prompted the Litany of Humility yesterday. It's so good. I don't have any tea so I can't rise to an actual description other than saying that she's a wise and perspicacious writer, and her year spent thinking about and praying to St. Therese was fruitful.

6. I should probably have breakfast soon. Corn chips and salsa or leftover Halloween candy?

7. If all four children are shouting, one has a dirty diaper, one is hungry, one is emotionally devastated by separation from her mother, and one is playing with tacks, what would your priorities be?


The Jammie Girl said...

Grab the one with the dirty diaper and shout "Chips and candy for everyone!". That should make for an interesting morning.

lissla lissar said...

Sounds good . It's all about the short-term gain (brief peace) here.

Steph said...

Tacks - carry devastated one while getting food for voraciously hungry one - nurse both devastated babies because by now the other one is devastated too - hope voracious appetite of hungry one remains long enough to keep him occupied still - put fascinating object in front of satiated tiny fry - diaper. Did it go something like that? What's your technique.

Thank you for the generous comments about my children. And the curry. Your boys really are thoughtful. They were trying quite hard to make Charlie feel at home. And thank you for the yummy homemade bread, you daring soul who makes it yourself.

lissla lissar said...

We actually had a big fight about whether tacks were safe playthings this morning. I won.

I think it went like- take tacks away, refuse to argue about it. Tell emotionally devastated baby that she's not going to die while changing dirty diaper, feed hungry baby while cuddling other baby. Be grateful they all survive moment to moment.

Thank you in return for your comments about the boys. It's a very typical boy technique that they push, shove, and hit people they like- think of a little boy pulling a little girl's pigtails. I'm sorry that they expressed their affection in that way, and I hope he wasn't too traumatized.

Nat's been asking all morning if Charlie is coming again. He loves making new friends.

I had chips and salsa for breakfast.

Stuart said...

Can we hear more about spice studded curries?

lissla lissar said...

The curry Steph made is found here:

It was fantastic.