Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Right now I feel more and more like I can choose to do the bare essentials of housework, or I can choose to do things that I enjoy, or I can choose to play with the children and take care of them. Today appears to be a Crafts, Drawing, and Have Screaming Tantrums at Nat Day. I have to evaluate my energy and patience levels carefully when I wake up, because pushing them when I'm feeling crummy is a terrible thing, and leads to everyone having meltdowns all day.

This kind of sucks.

I'm covered in bread dough. That's a happy thing, but does mean that I'm trying to get something done in the face of four loads of laundry, meal and snack prep, and finding out why the heck Nat is pouring water into the honey container and trying to reason with him about what he could make with it and find out why Thomas is putting string in the fridge over and over.

I am Sisyphus.

I think part of this is because of an enormous developmental leap on Nat's part that makes it harder for Thomas to play with him, and that makes Thomas more acting-out and clingy. Unfortunately the leap has not made Nat's judgement much better, so while he can do lots of things many are dangerous.

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