Monday, December 10, 2012

Everyone sick!

Actually, I don't know how Geoff is, and i should email him, but the girls, Thomas, and I have colds and Nat has some kind of fever/earache that made him throw up once. So it'll be ginger ale and soup and self-pity day today, ending with Laura the massage therapist coming ove.

There was definitely something else I was going to post, about the weekend being good even if it was stressful, and the kids all playing pretty well. Our niece and nephew thought the girls were the best toy dolls ever and Mim and Lilibet spend most of their visit being passed from one adoring person to the next. Nathaniel played really nicely, and I can envision a time (next year?) when we won't have to follow Thomas at a six-inch distance to keep him from destroying. Yay!


KMantoan said...

Everyone is sick here too, except for Fulton, but of course, all I can worry about is Fulton getting sick. And of course it's not like moms get to lie around and rest when they're sick. They still nurse everyone else, just slower.
Hope everyone at your house is better soon.

lissla lissar said...

Yes, same here, although Nat's issues are different. If everyone gets sick it's annoying and hard, and if Nat gets sick it's a little harder, but if he gets any kind of stomach problem it's CALL THE HOSPITAL PACK THE OVERNIGHT BAGS and off to Emergency.