Monday, December 03, 2012

For Amy, ways not to go crazy parenting little ones

I could totally say that I don't know how, but I think Amy would accuse me of cheating. Again. Anyway, here's a few ways that I have personally discovered:

1. I try to have us go somewhere or have someone over once a day. This has been complicated by the girls' morning naps, but I look forward, sort of, to them not needing to sleep in the morning. Right now if I'm leaving in the morning I have to be going to someone's house (hi, Judith!) where they can nap, or get a sitter. They could theoretically nap in the stroller, but the boys like to hang over them shouting, "Wake up, Baby! Wake up!" which send me into uncontrollable rages.

2. I have a huge number of children's movies and shows. The only way I have found to guarantee a few minutes of quiet from my hyperactive and destructive boys is to drug them with movies. Reading is good, but I can't read aloud and fold laundry or unload the dishwasher or cook at the same time.

3. I accept all offers of help. We are a a point of near-total collapse around here. I also whine endlessly for help.

4. We live really near my parents. I am not sure they enjoy this.

5. I have wine.

6. I try to read some every day, something not on the internet. Right now I'm re-reading Bridehead Revisited, and it's almost time to re-read The Dark is Rising.

7. Geoff and I were talking about stress management yesterday, and he said that there are two options- raise your stress threshold or reduce the things causing you stress, or both. I asked about how you raise your stress threshold, and he said, "Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, formal repetitive prayer". So I'm going to try to pray at least a decade of the Rosary a day.

8. I have two close friends who are in nearly the same situation as me, and we de-stress at each other several times a week, over the phone or in person, and while wrangling our respective children. This is a lifesaver.

9. I mentioned wine, right?


Margaret in Minnesota said...

As per Numbers 5 & 9...

For me, an ice cold beer works wonders. (Not refusing, of course, the glass of wine when it's offered.)

Amen to this whole list, especially the need to pray in snatches. A decade of the Rosary takes three minutes! We can definitely fit that in.

so many things to love... said...

I've been thinking about praying in snatches all day today. And I went ahead and read some of my Bible in the bath. So there you go.