Sunday, December 02, 2012

Goal for today

For the first Sunday in Advent I am going to try really hard not to kill any of my children, especially Thomas. This is taking a major effort right now, so you should all be impressed. Geoff was away at a grading and the pub until after dinner yesterday and although I walked around holding babies and crying I didn't kill anyone and Geoff got promoted to third degree in karate plus becoming an official Senpai, so it was probably worth it.

I ate Ferrero Roches and peanut butter ice cream after the kids were in bed, and went to sleep at nine. I'm still tired and but we're all alive, the Advent boxes have been started, and the Christmas lights are up. I'm going to Costco for frozen pizza and other not-lovingly-homemade food because at least everyone will eat the pizza.

In honour of Advent:

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