Friday, December 28, 2012

Seven Quick Takes: Happy Anniversary

To us! We were married ten years ago today. Our anniversary plans include playing in the snow with the kids and me making a Costco run with my Mum and Thomas. And I think there's champagne in the fridge.

My lord, look at us. We're so young. Happy anniversary, my love.

2. We were young. I was twenty-four and Geoff was two months shy of twenty-three. And he had long hair and we were both very thin.

3. Immediately after we got married we both lost our jobs and the cat needed surgery.

4. Also the wedding certificate said that Geoff married someone entirely different. This was signed by the minister and two of our best friends, none of whom noticed. Because of this and laziness and a bunch of other factors, I have been very slow to change over to my married name.

5. I should have done more fitting on the wedding dress, looking at it now. The front panel's cut weird. Oh, well. I'll fix it if either of my daughters care to wear it. I wonder if I've still got the headpiece?

6. My efforts to write this post keep being interrupted by the products of our ten years of marriage. They are loud and want attention.

7. Four children, two cats (adopted and lost), and a lot of chaos later. Happy.

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Alicia said...

Happy Anniversary, Guys! Congrats!