Thursday, December 27, 2012

It snowed a little

By a little I mean six inches. It's a lot of snow. Certainly it's more than we got all last winter. The boys and I played outside for a while in it, and came in to find Geoff examining the inside of the dishwasher, which may have broken or just gotten clogged. So right now we're down a dishwasher, a tap, and the fan in the bathroom.

Also Cynthia brought over a few children's books yesterday. Our mutual friend Rowan is a publishing rep. These are the few books:

I think there are over twenty. Apparently this is a drop in the bucket. Nat and I read a couple this morning, and I think we'll work through them over the next few weeks. Lots of books about wildlife and constellations. And pirates. We read about the Pirates' Code this morning.

That reminds me, our friend Hugh read part of the D'Aulaires Greek Myths, and objected to the retelling. Apparently saying Gaia and Uranus? The Sky God fell in love is wrong, and she was brutally raped. I asked him to translate that into something I could say to a five-year-old, and he thought for a minutes and said, "He gave hr lots and lots of cooties."

I refuse. We're sticking with the D'Aulaires, and we can tackle the originals in ten years or so.

I should go clean the fridge in blessed solitude- Nat and Geoff are at the museum, Thomas is with my parents, and the girls are asleep.

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