Sunday, December 16, 2012

More illness!

Geoff's sick and miserable and Nat's sick with high blood sugar and ketones. I am less feverish and miserable but Elizabeth has developed a horrible cough. I am making chicken soup and trying to plan a week of meals with vegetables in them, and not just toast and frozen pizza.

Trying to decide between a Costco run and a trip to the Asian grocery store this week. Judith's going to Costco tomorrow, so she could pick up essentials for us (read: frozen pizza and wet wipes) if I can steal myself to cook and serve real food this week (this means get ready for all sorts of rejection and children saying Yuck a lot).

I dunno. Frozen pizza tastes pretty good.  Tell me some easy non-salad things to make with lots of vegetables!

Sound of kids saying Yuck


Anonymous said...

How about peanut noodles? Smitten Kitchen has a great recipe. Spaghetti sauce with grated carrots and/or spinach added to the sauce. Mac & cheese with pureed winter squash in it. That makes it look even more orange and more like the Kraft kind (at least for me that was a big plus as a kid when the Kraft kind was way better than Mom's homemade). Soups are usually a good way to eat veggies, especially pureed. Smitten Kitchen's pumpkin black bean soup uses pureed beans so for picky eaters with texture issues (like myself), it's a great way to get beans.


lissla lissar said...

We've done peanut noodles before, although not recently, and I was thinking about making them. Soup isn't usually being eaten right now, but I think I'm just going to forge ahead and make a lot of things with veg and they can eat a steady diet of bread until they decide to try what we're eating.