Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pictures and things

You should be glad I noticed Nat had put the caps lock on. I hate shouting.

Happy last Sunday in Advent, or maybe solemn last Sunday in Advent. I'm not sure. In our exciting news I have finished the Christmas shopping ,we had Alicia, Richard, and the kids here last night for Indian, and our friend Hugh came a little later in the evening. He doesn't have kids yet, but did not bolt for outside when he heard the din and watched our adorable goddaughters trying to achieve planetary escape velocity with Nat and Thomas.

Adorable goddaughter
She's much less placid than she looks in that picture. Much less.

Today dragged myself out of bed in spite of Elizabeth's two-hour teething fever in the middle of the night, and  Geoff and I spent the day trying to clean things, not killing the kids, and talking to Cynth, who came over after church. I baked cinnamon Nutella buns

and bread, which will taste fine but came out pale. We've been talking about Richard Dawkin's tweets (Geoff's been reading The God Delusion, which takes fortitude) and I'm waiting for Christmas Eve and wondering how you roast a turkey. I've done it before, but I only do it once a year, so every year I get very nervous about how you do it. Must remember to take out the bread for stuffing and prep it tomorrow. We're having turkey, possibly ham, broccoli and cheese sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy. Butter tarts and ice cream.

In non-food news Thomas seems to have decided to potty train himself, at least partly.

In other other news I'm really tired and should stop posting and go clean up before going to bed.

Let's close with this very rare shot of me with both girls. And Richard's ear. Hi, Richard!


so many things to love... said...

What I find interesting about the picture of you and the girls is how I found myself trying to decide which of them looked like you. And they both do in different ways. But I think girl on the right of the picture has slightly more of Geoff's features. Also, holy Hannah in a handbasket the captcha below this comment may not even be in english. Have you noticed how captchas are getting more and more ridiculous? Anyway. Merry Christmas!

lissla lissar said...

Left is Elizabeth, right is Miriam. I think. Elizabeth looks disapproving and Miriam looks surprised. We get told both that they look completely identical and that they look very different. I personally think they're looking more different the older they get.

Merry Christmas!