Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Dinner was frozen pizza and Caesar salad with bacon and homefries dumped in it. Something I highly recommend. Thomas, who is pretty sick, passed out on the couch before dinner.

We have lots of leftover pizza because of a lack of Thomas-participation, and I am tired in a way that I think you only get if you are sick and were woken four times by toddlers and ten times by babies (one of whom barfed on the bed).

So if the Housework Fairies were to clean everything before I get back from putting the girls to bed, that would be great. Failing that I guess I can do some if I have a glass of wine.

I keep having these weird anxiety dreams- I was pushing someone down into a cellar a la Cask of Amontillado, I've dreamed of having to carry my mother around while she shrinks and screams at me, and last night I think I lost Nat's kit and had to administer insulin to Geoff, who fought my. Something's up with my subconscious and I need to figure it out. I think it's probably about a series of uncomfortable conversations I need to have with a few people.

ETA: First, the man visible in the photo below isn't Geoff, it's his brother, who looks just like him but about sixty pounds thinner, and second, tomorrow a nice young homeschooling teenage girl is coming over to play with the boys and hold the girls. Glory Hallelujah. Our friend Hugh told me that where there are homeschoolers so there shall also be nice young sheltered teenage girls who will help with kids, but it's been four months in the organizing. Anyway, I'm grateful.

Even though the Housework Fairies haven't appeared.

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