Friday, December 14, 2012

Seven Quick Takes: Illness and Diabetes Edition

1. We've all been sick all week, including me. We've practically attached ourselves to the TV and the couch. and the Tylenol bottle. Less than ideal. above is of Nathaniel saying his bedtime prayers. This time it wasn't a battle and also we didn't have any prayers for St. Buzz Lightyear or any other fictional persons.

3. Elizabeth has become alarmingly fast in the last week. On Tuesday I was trying to get the lid on a container of goldfish crackers, lost my grip, and dumped them on the floor. Elizabeth was just down the hall and as the Costco-sized container of goldfish spread across the floor she stared, and then advanced at hyperspeed, with a beatific, "The Heavens Have Opened!" expression, and was eating handfuls while I tried to sweep them up.

4. Thomas hasn't broken anything recently. This is probably jinxing it.

5.We didn't celebrate St. Lucia's. I thought we were doing pretty well to celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe. Maybe in a couple of years I'll work up to it.

6. I'm writing an actual guest post of someone else's blog, about diabetes and trying to make life kind of normal with a diabetic, and it's turning into a book and I wonder how much detail I should go back and erase. It's interesting, but it might only be interesting to me. I've mostly got the 'living with' part and not the 'making life normal' part.

7. Because Nat decided to wear snowpants while playing Minecraft, which I think cuts out the 'normal' ever. Also, I think Minecraft is teaching him to read. He typed 'strfish' into Google images yesterday (without permission), but spelling phonetically. That's pretty cool.


Kathleen Basi said...

If it makes you feel like you're not alone, my one-year-old chose this 7QT post to read; he likes to click randomly on the computer, and here I am. #3 sounds soooooooo familiar. I hope your guest post goes well.

lissla lissar said...

Hah. Our two-year-old resets the keyboard to exciting new languages. I think the now a;most-five guy was using YouTube on his own by his brother's age, because of my crippling morning sickness, but I don't really remember. Most of my memory of that time is very, very blurry.