Friday, December 21, 2012

Seven Quick Takes: Mundane Edition

1. I finished the blasted stockings. I'm going to write their initials on with permanent marker because I'm fancy like that. No embroidery right now- I'm not up for it. Nat sewed part of his together and I left the stitches out and visible.

2. Thomas used the potty for the first time this week! I mean used successfully. I am impressed and filled with dread at the thought of lots of puddles all over the house.

3. We need a world map for all our Educational Stuff, like when we watch Gangnam Style and I try to tell the kids about Korea, or the Where the Hell is Matt? videos (remember them? The guy dancing badly all over the world?) so we can talk about the places he visits. Could possibly be a stepping stone to all of us learning some geography, especially me and Geoff, who are lousy at geography outside of Canada.

4. I think my Mum and I just decided Christmas dinner is going to be turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, broccoli, and mince pies with ice cream. No setting anything on fire and nothing difficult to make.

5. It has just occurred to me that if I don't make stuffing Geoff will cry.

6. You know, I don't think I've read any books this week except bits from Tamar Adler's Everlasting Meals. That's weird. No, wait- I was reading the part of Brideshead today where Charles and Julia begin their love affair.

7. Today is Midwinter Day. That means that tomorrow in between children's bouts of screaming neediness I should re-read The Dark is Rising. It starts the day before midwinter day, and it's the perfect mood-setter for Christmas (if you like Young Adult fantasy, which we do, a lot).

8. Elizabeth sick all night with fevers. Good thing I got the complete Beatrix Potter video collection, because we may all survive.

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so many things to love... said...

Yay! You got the stockings done! Write initials on with Glittery glue - it's klassier that way.