Friday, December 07, 2012

Seven Quick Takes: Packing and Christmas Edition

1. We're leaving for Niagara-on-the-Lake and Geoff's family get-together tomorrow at eight, in a rented van, and I have packed clothes for everyone but myself. I hope to have time to pack for me sometime today. Please pray that it happens. also that I can persuade all the kids to get out of their pajamas before we have to go.

2. I have been following the conversation at Simcha's, Melanie's, Calah's, and Elizabeth Duffy's blogs with interest. If you are a SAHM I would hop over to one of their blogs and start reading, following the thread about young motherhood, parish life, and support. We became Catholic and I got pregnant three weeks later, and five years in we haven't actually made any friends at our parish, and the discussion really resonates with me.

3. The Advent thing where I stay off the computer if all the kids are awake is not going to well.

4. I want these:

5. I am becoming deeply glad that Geoff and I agreed the new diningroom table was our gift to each other. One less thing to worry about this Christmas.

6. Thinking about affirmation and being a people-pleaser, and about why I feel like it's necessary that everyone like and eat meals. Right now I'm in a stage of spending my energy on Christmas-present-making and so there's a lot of frozen pizza happening, and I'm thinking I kind of like it and kind of hate it. I want to feed people, I like feeding people, and I want them to like what I make. Why is this so important to me, and how can I detach myself?

7. Must remember to pack snacks for the car, and the camera. Everything else is unimportant. Except diapers. Actually, I assume they sell diapers in NotL. Right?

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