Thursday, December 06, 2012

Thank you, Amy!

The Advent care package from Amy (blogs at so many things to love, there on the sidebar) arrived today, with fossils for Nat, a sachet for me, and a huge number of beautiful laminated saints' cards, pretty and nearly indestructible. I talked with Nat about some of them, and then at bedtime I read part of a book about Blessed Mother Teresa, and talked about how the saints are in Heaven, and we can ask them to pray for us, because they're very near to God and they love Him and us. So Nat immediately squinched his eyes up and asked Mother Teresa to pray for him.

Normally Nat needs to be nagged to pray, so this is big. When he finished, I said, "Did you know that there's a Saint Nathaniel, in Heaven?"

"Saint Bartholomew, also called Nathaniel, and one of Jesus' friends."

Nat lit up, thought for a moment, said, "It's prayer time now!", bounced into bed, said his "Now I lay me.." and then added, "Saint Nathaniel, pray for me!".

I think I'll keep him.

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so many things to love... said...

I'm so happy you like them! When I thought of doing them up for you, I just knew you'd be able to find a use for them.