Sunday, December 16, 2012

We have the Christmas tree!

It's up, but not decorated, and Thomas is helping me with detachment because he is determined to pull all the needles off it before Christmas. Nat has made four snowballs out of Kleenex and tape to decorate it, and Thomas is taking the tree apart from the ground up.

I am not good at detachment. I know the more I tell Thomas to leave it alone the greater the attraction. Clearly I need to decorate the blasted tree so he can vent his spleen at the ornaments.

When we put it up Elizabeth looked horrified at the incursion of the evil, chaotic forest into our dear home. Miriam looked interested, but Mim thinks everything is pretty neat, and Elizabeth thinks everything exists to upset her.

I made chicken soup from scratch today, and that was my big accomplishment, aside from grocery shopping. Taking apart a pair of chicken carcasses with babies trying to climb my legs and Thomas playing Destructor-Needy-evil-toddler and Nat screaming at Minecraft was pretty heroic,

Horrible week. Hope next week is better.

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