Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Bugs and patience

It is not a happy thing to be putting the noodles for mac'n'cheese in the boiling water (for a quick, emergency supper), and to look down and see beetle larvae floating in it. So we had frozen pizza instead, in spite of being pretty sure that Thomas is allergic to tomato. I was running out of emergency dinners.

Geoff has been sick for the the past about five days, including last weekend, and the much-less-screen-time era is progressing without me killing anyone, although I'm a lot more out of patience a lot faster. Geoff was reading something (I think?) about brain scans locating the area of the brain that handles situations that call for patience and decisions, and he recalled dimly that there is a measurable amount of some hormone that becomes visibly used up every time the person being scanned deals with a situation requiring patience or makes a decision.

And past a certain point you really will not be able to, physiologically, handle anything else that tries your patience or  requires a decision. I am at that stage by about one in the afternoon, which is when the videos come on and Mommy doesn't much care if they're eating raw ramen under the table. It's nice to know there's an actual reason for it.

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