Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Do normal people want to bake all the time?

Our fridge is still filled with leftovers from the party and with shepherd's pie from last night (not a hit, but I'll happily eat it for lunch for a few days) which is frustrating because I suddenly want to cook lots of vegetables and go all Asian in the kitchen.

Also we're out of the blue cake, which makes me want to grind up some of our almonds and bake a sour cheery and almond cake to eat for breakfast. I could do this. I've had a nap and feel more human.

How do you define 'miracle'? Geoff and I were talking about that in light of something Richard Dawkins said about things that are improbable but possible within the natural laws of... nature? I think maybe I'm wrong and my brain is still broken from lack of sleep.

It occurs to me that I haven't read anything in a week, although I've watched enough Phineas and Ferb to feel like I've been doing something culturally significant. I'm not sure that and Downtown count as culture. I should read a book. Or bake a cake.

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