Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Garden planning

Because it's -100000C outside right now it make me want to plan the garden. In reality I hate bugs and heat but it is such a relief to get the kids out of the house without many layers that I'm willing to put up with summer. Plus the herb garden was a huge, roaring success, and that makes me enthusiastic.
This is not what my garden will look like

I'm thinking about planting potatoes and lots of cherry tomatoes, kale, and zucchini even though I've never had any luck with zucchini. And snap peas. And lots and lots of morning glories because they can stand up to abuse. Nat wants lettuce and watermelon, so I think we can do that. I think if we get a couple of big flat Rubbermaid bins we could use them as covered sandboxes, and if I can not mind all the children eating dirt all the time I think we'll basically live outside from late spring through fall.

Anything else really easy to grow that also tastes good?  I found the cilantro bolted too fast to be much use, and I didn't use the basil so much as the thyme, parsley and rosemary. Oh! I could grow garlice and garlic scapes! That would be fun.


Anonymous said...

Kale. I put it in everything (mashed potatoes and pasta are particularly good), it's super healthy, and it grows really well for me. I think I've given up on most things other than herbs and kale.

Tristian said...

I'm not sure if they count as 'easy', but I just got some tomato seeds in the mail. I was going grow them to seedlings indoors until it gets warm enough outside to plant them. If you want any let me know. I think they mostly just need tons of water.

Isabelle said...

Green beans - they're crazy productive, take up little space if you buy pole beans and grow them up a trellis, don't require much TLC aside from regular watering, and are delicious and flavourful and tender when eaten fresh-picked. (I sometimes even nibble on raw beans while I'm harvesting. Nom.)
The only catch is that you'll go through a 2-week period where you'll come back from the garden with more beans than you can possibly eat, and might find yourself pondering leaving bags on neighbours' doorsteps to deal with the bounty.

lissla lissar said...

I could grow them up the fence, if you think that would work. Lots of fences.

Kale and cherry tomatoes. Lots of both. I wish we could grow loaves of bread. We planted strawberries last year but they didn't fruit during the drought. I hope they do this year.