Thursday, January 10, 2013

Have just gotten officially sick of cosleeping

I'm listening to the girls howl upstairs. Last night Thomas woke four or five times, Nat woke three times, and the girls woke probably twelve times. And they force me to sleep in weird positions, and they only sleep for an hour at a time. I have had it. They are almost a year old and they DO NOT NEED to nurse every hour all night. Go back to sleep on your own. No more mommy cuddles rigfht now. I think I'll go sleep next to the cribs and listen to their howling.

Also, am sick of Nat going out and refusing to eat. For the last five or six visits to Judith's he's walked the edge of hypoglycemia, and today managed a blood sugar of 1.8 (near coma) and then refused to eat anything, holding a piece of bread in his mouth for ten minutes while staring off in to the distance. This made me want to kill him.

I am cranky and tired and feeling the call to the cloister about now. I hope they have WiFi.

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