Thursday, January 17, 2013

I hate kids and sleep

Elizabeth has been refusing to sleep without me holding, nursing, and cuddling, and I have been trying to get her back down since nine and it is almost eleven. She has tried to get up and play, she has fallen asleep nursing and been woken when I move, and she has screamed in her crib on and off for the last two hours. Her last move was to try to crawl over me while I was nursing Miriam.

 I lost my temper and tossed them both in their cribs, from where they are screaming like they are on fire. They are preventing both of us from sleeping, and I feel like hurling them from the window. I usually feel that way about the boys, not the girls. I suppose it's a change.

I honestly don't know if they're going to go back to sleep before midnight, and Geoff has to get up at five-thirty.

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