Wednesday, January 16, 2013

List for today

Today we have to:
Pick up a different kind of lancet for Nat's glucose kit
Buy fruit
Buy sprinkles for cakes and things

Samantha the marvellous is coming over, so while she's here the boys will use Nat's new paints, and I will clean the fridge and freezer in preparation for the Costco visit tomorrow and since Geoff will be out post-bedtime and will be out on Friday night I should meal plan things that are low cleanup and low stress. Also they should include at least one frigging vegetable before we all die of scurvy again. Zombie nation, yo.

I never actually make sense.

Since I started writing this I have had Nat and Thomas open paints without my permission, taken all the kids to the store, found out I lost my debit, taken all the kids and the stroller loaded with groceries down the stairs to my bank (toddler and baby and groceries in stroller, baby in carrier, Nat walking, combined weight over a hundred pounds) and gone to the cake store for sprinkles and chocolate fondant. I didn't know you could get chocolate fondant but I deserve it.

Also a medal, a nanny, and a maid.

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