Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lots of snow

In spite of lots of girls having fits in the night I think we all slept better, and this morning trekked out to Judith's in spite of blowing snow and 50km/hr wind gusts. We had a really good time and took the bus home, since outside had turned from clod and windy to something like Antactica with Extra Blowing Snow. Plus I got three admiring comments about how I was managing all the kids on the way home.

When we got home I was unable to get the stroller up the stairs because of the snow, ice, and load of children. I got it all the way to the top step and then whenever I pulled on it I started to slide towards the edge. I didn't want to bump it down the stairs, but I was also having visions of me slipping and me and three children ending up bruised and shaken at the bottom of the steps.

Nat offered to help pull, and did. That was the first time I have been unable to do something without his help. It was awesome.

It makes up for the moment when I came back down from putting the girls in their cribs to find Nat and Thomas unrolling the new aluminium foil, having slashed open the package, and running noisily through the house with ten feet of foil. I did get very angry and screamed at them, but I've also apologized.

Geoff is helping at a grading tonight, so he'll be gone for dinner and probably all of bedtime. This means takeout and a very streamlined putting-to-bed, which Nathaniel will not like, because he loves his bedtime routine. My goal is not to get really upset and to get everyone in bed and staying there. I think that's manageable.

I leave you with these picture of small children behaving and not getting into anything they're not allowed to touch:


Anonymous said...

The aluminum foil story is hilarious.

lissla lissar said...

It was pretty funny in retrospect. I was nursing upstairs and I heard this horrible thundery sort of noise and panicked and then thought, "The only thing that could make that sound is tinfoil. They're into the tinfoil..." and put the baby down and sprinted downstairs.