Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lowering my standards

Even more. Geoff just called to say his Sensei is throwing one of Geoff's students in a grading on Thursday, and student is not prepared. So Geoff really needs to spend most of the next two evenings helping him prepare as much as possible.

Dinner, therefore, will be frozen pizza or thawed chili or whatever is fastest and easiest to clean up after, for the next two nights, because, lo this is an awful sentence, I will have no evening help or backup and I will be drinking and going to bed early.

Also Miriam has gone back to being awake 9-11 and nursing all the fracking time, so I should do Four Days of Misery and nightwean them but I am unable to work myself up to doing all the normal daytime stuff with no sleep at all and no help for four days.

On the bright side the girls had their neonatal appointment and are doing great and Elizabeth is pretty much triple her birthweight, and Miriam definitely is more than triple. The OT also said they are steady enough to walk if they want to, which is great, although I prefer them not walking for as long as possible, and she also proferred them a plastic bottle and a couple of beads, while saying, "I want to see if they can pick them up- they won't be able to put them in the bottle for a while. It's a 14-16 months skill."

Elizabeth stared at her for a second, picked up the bead, and dropped it carefully in the bottle. Mim leaned over, grabbed the other bead, and followed suit.

So I am inordinately proud of them.

It just occurs to me right now that I am also having a blood sugar drop due to not enough lunch, so I will go find food now.

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