Wednesday, January 30, 2013

No sleep again

Thomas bolted from bed three times in the night, and just woke the girls up early. Miriam at least latched on more than twenty times. I went to bed at eight-thirty and still don't feel like I slept. I'm trying to deal with the enormous rage and frustration that come with bot being allowed to sleep plus being expected to play and interact as well as do the basic household tasks. Today is going to be rough again.

Might move Thomas back into his crib again and sleep train the girls. If I'm going to be useless from lack of sleep I might as well know we're working towards a goal.


Anonymous said...

As someone who never wanted kids in the first place, this just reinforces my decision. The whole lack of sleep thing... I'm just impressed that you are all surviving.

lissla lissar said...

It's not usually anywhere near this bad. I realised today that what I feel like is post-partum- this is what it feels like to have a newborn,again. And this is why I really don't like the first few months after a baby is born very much.

I'm doing some desperation cooking because it's something I can manage to want to do, so therre's a pot of something that can't decide if it's normal frijoles, a sort of bean stew, bean chili, or a kind of dal with vegetables simmering. I figure if no one else eats it Thomas and I will. I'm trying to decide if cabbage will be okay with the peppers and beans and cilantro.