Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Out sledding

We went to the museum yesterday, and because that wasn't exhausting enough I'm going to take the boys out to a local park this afternoon while the girls nap. Geoff dislikes cold and snow, so he'll stay home.

I wish I'd remembered to eat breakfast this morning because I do not feel energetic enough for this. I'm sure that if I have some chocolate my condition will improve, because chocolate is a vegetable, and full of nutrients and goodness, right?

Also, Thomas at the museum is an eerie replay of Nat at the Science Centre two years ago- too fast to see. We tried to go to a wild animal performance thingy but one of the ushers told me "He needs to be sitting still during the performance". as I was chasing Thomas up the aisle for the fifteenth time in a minute. So Geoff and Nat stayed and I took Thomas out to see parts of the Museum very fast and I'm sure he appreciated not being killed by a kestrel or eagle. Besides, we saw the Early Canada gallery at least four times, and I even noticed some of the things they had on display, like paintings. Next time maybe I can see the actual images in the paintings.

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