Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Party planning

Nat's having his fifth birthday next week and I have gone and invited almost everyone we know, so I have to figure out what to feed all of you who are coming, and figure out how to make it fun for kids. Actually, I think the kids will have fun regardless, and i'm not a big organized-games person anyway, but, because I'm insane I'm sort of thinking of a marine animals theme. It keeps on being one of Nat's main interests. Maybe I can buy fondant and sculpt little anemones and squid? Or even better, buy fondant and get the kids to make their own? It's like playdough.

This is less crazy than it sounds because it's something I might actually enjoy, and I could provide sprinkles and stuff, and whatever animal they made could be their loot.

Also, I think I'll make chili and do a Costco run to provide food for the more than twenty people who will be here. When you start with the six of us adding anyone makes it into a zoo.


so many things to love... said...

I am going to send you a ridiculously long facebook message with party ideas. Pls. do not unfriend me.

lissla lissar said...

Lol. Of course I won't- I'm just disappointed that you haven't sent it yet. Also, did Kim ever get her Advent thing from me? I haven't heard and I'm worried my mother forgot to post it.

so many things to love... said...

Oh my gosh she DID get her advent thing! I forgot to click 'yes please tell me whenever someone responds' after I left this message. Sorry. Well, you've already seen my blog post so my height of crazy seems prob. significantly less so. I loooooooove to do detailed little things like party plan - it's the actual execution that gets me.