Friday, January 11, 2013

Seven Quick Takes Depressed Edition

1. I feel awful and cranky. This is probably because of the boys waking up multiple times a night to have their blankets rearranged and the girls waking up all the time. For the last two weeks.

2. Also Geoff has had a miserable sinus cold for more than a week and feels very tired and miserable.

3. So I'm thinking we really have to endure telling the boys we're not coming in short of an emergency, and either nightweaning or leaving the girls in their cribs all night. Do you know how hard it is to resist sleeping with them if you have twins who wake and scream if you nurse them and put them down? It's really hard. I might tell Geoff to buy earplugs and start tonight.

4. On the bright side our friend Rowan brought us a few books:

He's a sales rep for a publishing company, and these were taking up room in his apartment.Some of them are in Inuit, which is interesting. Many of them are very good. Nat's been going through them all morning.

5. I am a horrible person with no patience today- I can feel myself vibrating with irritation whenever anyone asks anything of me. Today's goal is survival, which is why there is already a video on. The awareness of undone housework is pressing on me. Nat, for instance, could use some pants. So I should wash them.

6. Am going to try not to scream anymore today. Screaming, in my mind, is distinct from yelling. Yelling is more task-oriented and less angry, more, "pick up your coat!" and less, 'leave me alone!" Screaming is angrier and usually less rational.

7. Goal for today- no more screaming, even if I didn't sleep.

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