Saturday, January 26, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: Less Brain Than Usual

1. Really. Was probably up, between my own illness and the girls wanting to nurse all the time, about twenty-five times last night. So I'm beyond fried, in the category of looking at food on the floor and knowing I don't care about it.

2. When I was crying from exhaustion a couple of minutes ago, Nat asked me why I was so sad, and then built me a robot out of magnets to cheer me up. And Thomas brought me the Elmo doll to kiss me and make me feel better, loaned me his flashlight, and force-fed me chips. I love my boys.

3. Geoff is probably gone till about three this afternoon, so I really only have to hold on till then. I'm running four loads of laundry and ignoring the other housework.

4. 12-2 is my low time of the day, the time when I feel exhausted and hopeless. If I've slept badly it's nearly a pit of despair. Knowing that it happens and that it passes is a great help, because I try to remember to lower my expectations as much as possible, and focus on surviving.

5. It's either a takeout or frozen pizza night. And I'm going to bed at eight.

6. I'm still trying to read parts of Acedia and Me, but I keep getting sidetracked by blogs and facebook. I'm thinking about giving up both for Lent, but I'm worried that I'll be cutting out a lot of the community that's keeping me sane.

7. We're transitioning the girls into one nap instead of two to make their sleep better, and it seems to be going okay. Last night they had gas and were teething hard, so it was miserable, but they're not waking up and partying.

8 (bonus take) I have been reading the blog The Homesick Texan and now all I want to cook is Tex-Mex, even though that seems to mean a diet entirely made of chiles, beans, meat, and cheese. This might become a problem soon, dietarily speaking. In the meantime, pass the enchiladas.


so many things to love... said...

I have to remind myself that when the panic rises (that flush of anxiety, oh I hate it) and I suddenly can't stop thinking of bills and crazy and stuff...that it is because I am tired. I'm tired, and I'm hungry. And once I've eaten and slept, truly, the anxiety passes.

Melanie Bettinelli said...

I know that fried feeling too well. I think my lowest point in the day is between 3 and when Dom comes home. Trying to get dinner together and hold myself together. When he comes in suddenly all is better even if he doesn't actually do anything. Just having another adult in the house makes all the difference.

I'm thinking of giving up Facebook but not blogs for Lent. But like you say I'm worried about missing the community.

I really liked Acedia and Me.

I do wish Tex Mex had more vegetables. But I could eat it at almost every meal.

lissla lissar said...

I'm a very non-Southern girl whose only experiences of Tex-Mex are probably bastardized Northern version, but I love it. Why don't Texans die of scurvy?

Melanie Bettinelli said...

That's easy: salsa. Tomatoes, onions, limes, and peppers have plenty of vitamin c. The real problem with a Tex-Mex only diet (and actually I really don't know anyone who eats only Tex-Mex) would seem to be the lack of a variety of green vegetables.

lissla lissar said...

And they live in a place where you can actually grow green vegetables year round. They'r so lucky! If we try to do 100 Mile Diet or similar we have to be very, very fond of turnips and potatoes...