Friday, January 18, 2013

Sorry for the whining

Sorry for the whining last night. It was a hard day that culminated in a terrible night, although the girls did actually go back to sleep by 11:30, so even though I'm very tired today it's not as bad as it could be. And upon thought we've been blessed- the girls aren't very good sleepers but we very rarely have the problem of both awake and loud at night. Only a handful of times in almost a year. That's amazing.

Yesterday I went to Costco with the boys, came home and dealt with Nat's blood sugar low (2.6 because he refused to eat snack. I need to start carrying juice and choc milk packs for when he won't eat), cleaned up the twenty pound sack of flour the squirrels had a party in (my new flour! Aargh!), and baked four cakes and browned fifteen pounds of ground beef.

Oh, and made dinner and roasted five pounds of carrots.

So by ten I was really tired. On the extreme bright side I have things all prepped for the chili and I have baked Nathaniel's luridly teal cake. It's very very blue. And Cynthia came over last night and tidied the fridge (seriously, some day I'm going to take before and after pictures. She's a wizard.) and then tidied the whole living room and Geoff moved some shelves and put all the books properly on the shelves that were left. Busy.

Tonight I ice the cake. And we're having classy frozen pizza.

Tomorrow I need to:

Bake bread
Roast broccoli and make a lemon/thyme/garlic sauce for it
Cut hot dogs into octopus shapes and wonder if it's possible to make chambered nautilises out of food
Cook them and everything else that needs cooking
Start getting food out on platters and bowls
Bring up the card table and folding chairs
Set out the fondant for sculpting (not too early)
Clear off the hooks in the hall after Geoff and Nat return from karate
Get everything set out (I think I might leave this to Cynthia)
Welcome everyone (this is up to the kids. They're the welcoming committee)

I can do this. I have wine. And tea. Actually, we're out of tea. National emergency, must ask Geoff to get some on the way home


so many things to love... said...

Chambered nautali = baby bell cheeses?

lissla lissar said...

I could, but since i've already spent an insane amount of money on food I'm not inclined to buy any more.

That would work, though.

I'm trying to persuade Nat to do some drawings of fish but so far he's not interested.