Monday, January 14, 2013

This stuff is evil

It's made of cream and egg yolks and sugar and evil, and that's why I've been stocking up on it instead of buying Geoff's favourite ice cream (chocolate mint chip) because I am afraid they will stop making it and lo, I will be bereft.

Anyone have any good ideas for keeping a strong-willed five year old from snacking on everything carby in sight, and thus preventing his stupidly high blood sugar highs? Do get back to me on that.

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Steph said...

You could just not have any more of it in the house. Unless its a kind he doesn't like. Then you can just say, "sorry, we're out.". You can just make enough rice for meal times. Once he gets used to eating other stuff, then you can restock the out-of-reach cupboards. You can do positive advertisement by having stuff you want him to eat available, just sitting around, waiting to be impulsively snatched up.