Saturday, January 26, 2013

Up a lot

Being sick, between twelve and two, running back to bed to nurse both girls, who woke up at least twenty times to nurse. I am not joking. Am not here today and am also filled with self-pity. Might watch Downtown Abbey with Thomas and the girls while Geoff and Nat are at karate. Geoff's gone all day today for gradings and class, and I am going to be eating tea and toast and lying around.


KMantoan said...

1. I like your new weekly dinner ideas.
2. Lay around and drink tea. It's January. There's really nothing else to do anyway.

Pentimento said...

Oh, feel better!

lissla lissar said...

There are other things to do if you have five and three-year-old boys who want to play Space Gun Invader Ninjas on top of you all day. Those things are mostly shouting, "Stop jumping on me! Go kill each other somewhere else!"

I think everyone should have to make their own dinners for a week to increase their appreciation of me. The girls aren't walking yet, so their dinners might consist of food they find on the floor. This wouldn't be a big change for them.

Steph said...

The sad fact is that good mothers would never do what it would take for others to realize how much they actually do. ie - would not leave their less-than-two year old babies without their mother for long enough to give anyone a real appreciation of what you truly do. Elizabeth and Miriam. They are the ones who may someday understand.

What you need is babysitters for the weekend, banana leaves instead of plates, and thawed freezer food, so all you have to do is nurse. You know what would be a cool invention? Bedpad flooring that snaps together. Rather than diaper and clothe your crawling babies, you let them loose on a floor-wide mat made from sections of diaper fabric with a non-slip waterproof backing. When one of them does a jobbie, you unzip that section, throw it in the wash, and replace it. Same for spills or vomit.

Hope you feel better soon.