Thursday, January 03, 2013


Nat and I had a really good afternoon yesterday. Thomas went to my parents' house for lunch and playtime, and Nat and I took the babies to the dollar store (non-slip bathmat and spray bottles), and came home and he painted on the snow with water and food colouring. Then, during naptime, we baked coffee cake together. Partway thrugh th ecoffee cake he started wailing that It should be muffins! so I scraped out the bowl and announce we were baking muffins next.

Two cups flour,  one cup sugar, some baking powder, salt. Half a cup of yogurt and some oil and water and an egg and a large splash of vanilla. Doughnut muffins. Paint the outsides with butter and coat with sugar/cinnamon. They're really good.

Then he insisted we chop up sweet potatoes, so we had roasted veg and chicken fingers for dinner.

Praying for Melanie at The Wine Dark Sea as she goes into hospital for her c-section and meets little Lucia today.

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