Friday, February 01, 2013

Another terrible night Maybe quick takes? Embedded edition

 I'm not sure whether what we've got is sleep digression, bad sleep associations, or a mix, but it's miserable. If it's sleep associations we should let them cry it out. If it's a sleep digression we should comfort them (although not the way Mim wants to be comforted- she likes to cuddle up, grab hold of skin and pinch and twist. She apparently finds it relaxing). I'm split about what we should do, but mostly what I want is:

1. To sleep between the hours of 9-12

2. To be allowed to sleep for longer than half an hour at a time

3. Not to be woken up by the boys demanding water or blanket rearranging.

5. Something else to be obsessed about. When you haven't slept it become all-consuming but boring.

6. To stop having really weird dreams because of cosleeping and frequent wakeups.

7. Someone else to do all the cooking, cleaning, and childcare until I'm back to sleeping for entire hours uninterrupted.

Judith and I are thinking about memorizing a poem together (because of the article on facebook that you shared, Melanie), and that's made me revisit the Four Quartets. I haven't read them for at least five years and they're slipping away from me. I think I understand them more fully now- when I memorized them I was in my early twenties, and one of the marvelous things I've found about getting older is that I can hold multiple themes in my head more easily.

We're not going to do Eliot, probably, because he's blasted hard to remember. Maybe one of the Metaphysical poets? Donne or Herbert? I'm lucky that I have generally found it easy to remember  poetry. It used to (when I was in my teens) make me sort of nostalgic for the job described in several Anne and Emily books. I've just forgotten the term but it's Public Reciter of Poetry. Elocutionist, that's it. It might make my weird memory useful for something. By useful I mean, "I could make huge amounts of money if I lived in the Anne series."

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