Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Longing to garden

And my friend Alicia just sent me this link about winter-sowing in plastic milk jugs. That sounds wonderful- all I need is some garden soil and seeds, and I can start some of the gardening. Oh, first I will have to buy and drink some pop so I have the containers. That's fine with me. I was also planning on buying pop to use the bottles for storing dried beans, so I'll just try to stock up.

Just got home from going to the museum with Judith and her boys and both my boys, so I've been combining weight-lifting, core strength, and aerobic exercise in the form of chasing Thomas. I am not actually kidding. He took off and I had to run to catch him at least twenty times. He's really fast and so, so delighted with all the space that he just bolts. Nat was great.

I need tea.

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