Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Must not replace Facebook with blogging

Still, I want to write this, because I feel like I accomplished nothing today except try to ignore the kids, be grumpy, and read twenty chapters of the fantasy series I've started (The Mistborne trilogy, for everyone keeping track of my reading). I need to have a record of the useful activities today.

1. Read about six five-minute stories to Nat.
2. Made blueberry yogurt muffins for lunch and homemade pizza for dinner.
3. Did a load of laundry.
4. Ran and unloaded the dishwasher twice.
5. Remembered to tell Nat about the beginning of Lent.
6. Fingerpainted with the boys while the girls slept.
7. Didn't kill anyone when they interrupted my reading.
8. Cuddled the World's Crankiest Preschooler a lot. Why do three-year-olds think the more times they tell you to do something, the faster you'll do it? I hate that. They're the ultimate nags.
9. Cuddled a cranky teething baby.
10. Provided hugs, snacks, and blood sugar control all day.

I haven't done any planning at all for Geoff's birthday tomorrow. I've decided to take him at his word that he doesn't want to do anything for Valentine's and particularly for his birthday. The kids made him paintings today.

I think I'll go to bed. It's almost eight. It's time.


Judith Cooke said...

yay kyra!
you made it through the day.
no kids are dead, some stories read,
they all should shout hurray!

(said in perky cheerleader voice)

Anonymous said...

Hi Krya, Please wish Geoff a Happy Birthday for me. I'm trying to think of something to do for Den for Valentines day. Last year I gave him tickets to see Red Green. He ended up having to work late and it was too late to ask anyone else so I went alone. Red Green was great, hilarious but hard for 1 person to celebrate Valentines day. Maybe I will just make soup.
Big hugs to the boys and girls.


so many things to love... said...

It's all good. Think of it this way - do you have a lot of memories of your parents grumpy days? I mean, specific memories that aren't attached to another event? Prob. not. Nat isn't going to be lying on a couch 20 years from now saying "Ash Wednesday, 2013 - my mother read by herself almost the whole day...I felt alone." Nope. The good always outweighs the bad.

lissla lissar said...

I actually do- I have some, anyway, and Nat has an incredible memory for some things, so it makes me feel guilty and worried.

Went to bed at 8:15 and still feel really tired. I don't remember any horrible things happening lsat night. Time to stop cosleeping and nursing all the time, maybe?

I know I keep saying it. I just hate the screaming so much...