Friday, February 22, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: Full and Tired Edition

1. We got out to the drop-in and the grocery store today, in reverse order. That accounts for tired- wrangling all four kids out somewhere in the stroller is always exhausting.

2. It was especially tiring today because Thomas was determined to leave and go home on his own without coats, shoes, or family. It's only -1 today but i doubt it would have been really good for him to leave on his own, so I kept chasing him down the hallway and bringing him back, and then wrestling with him to try and keep him from springing for the door again.

3. We came home and I threw the babies in their cribs, warned the boys not to talk to me while I made lunch, and scrambled some eggs and put the bread from the grocery store on the table. I am increasingly worried about my children dying from scurvy.

4. The cookies turned out perfectly. Instead of a peanut butter cookie kind of shape they spread and became lacy and caramelized.  I am making them again with flour and with almond meal. Judith says they have huge jars of Nutella at Costco right now and I will probably buy one in order to make lots of those cookies. The only change will be maybe ground hazelnuts instead of almonds.

5. ELZABETH IS WALKING! Slowly but with purpose, and she expects a lot of applause.

6. Stuart said that he was forced to listen to Alanis Morisette's Ironic a few days ago and kept re-writing it in his head to make it, "Isn't it Byronic..." Unfortunately i can't remember his clever lyrics, but i'm sure he'll post them.

7. I wish I could have a nap instead of cleaning up from lunch and breakfast and doing laundry and whining about all of it on the computer. That would be nice.

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