Friday, February 22, 2013

The hardest part of menu planning

Is that it always feel like creation ex nihilo, except with boundaries. We can eat anything as long as it doesn't contain onions or peas, isn't too spicy, doesn't have vegetables or pork in it, and isn't bread-based. Oh, and no fish. Or weird textures. Or pancakes or things with cooked eggs, like fritatta or omelettes. And no salads and not a lot of fast-burning carbohydrates.

So, now go and do a menu plan for two weeks, okay?

I'm trying to make a grocery list for Costco tomorrow, and trying with near-panic to include everything I think we might need in the next week or so, and think of things to make that everyone will eat and like, which I think at this point is still spaghetti and chicken fingers. It makes me want to just buy a few big boxes of pub-type frozen fast foods and just serve them for a couple of weeks. I won't- we'll have some approximation of normal meals- but since I would happily eat vegetables and cheese on homemade bread for the rest of my life I sometimes think maybe I shouldn't be in charge of menu planning, either.

I think maybe I should go to bed and worry about this tomorrow.


so many things to love... said...

Quesadillas? They're a staple in our house. And you can hide all sorts of veggies in salsa. Um, pot pie type meals with puff pastry or crescent roll dough on top. Mix some cream cheese into the chicken and vegetables - that always gets my two year old to eat it. Hummus with various dippy things. Tempura? That could be fun. What about muffins with stuff hidden in them? Stew? Samuel will eat even kidneys if I chop them very fine and hide them in a gravy-based stew. Serve it on bread and butter if you like. Oh! Hot turkey sandiwiches?

lissla lissar said...

My children won't eat stew or soup most of the time and they generally won't eat salsa. This is tough.

I love tempura but deep frying things at dinner time right now is asking for a grease fire or third degree burns I'm hoping I can go back to doing it occasionally when the babies are a little older.

The biggest general winner is pasta, and even then it sometimes fails and the children choose to eat only bread or rice. Last night I made Sopa De Fideos, or a loose variation on it, and it was a hit with me and Thomas. It's basically spicy Mexican spaghetti soup. I hid red peppers in it and lots of tomatoes, and even if Nat didn't eat it I think we have a winner.

I just did a MASSIVE Costco shopping trip and have a few things planned, like a varity of stuffed potatoes and stew and bi bim bap. And lots and lots of pasta.

Anonymous said...

I agree on no weird textures and no eggs. Those are the only picky quirks I've kept into adulthood. Most things I make have lots of vegetables, though, so I don't have any helpful suggestions.

lissla lissar said...

Geoff won't eat cooked eggs or anything with onion or anything with bread, and I don't like salad or raw vegetables or fish. And right now Nat doesn't like much except chicken fingers and toast. Still, we soldier on.