Friday, February 15, 2013

These are not quick takes

I don't have enough energy. I have to remember that if I take all the kids out in the morning the afternoon will basically be a wash. I'm so tired from lugging everyone that I just want to put the TV on and hang around staring at the wall for many hours.

Geoff's at the dojo tonight- leftover veg pizza for dinner.

Oh, also, on the way to the drop-in I was explaining what cannons are to Nathaniel, because of Corb Lund. He was singing "I Want to be in the Cavalry" and so we had a short explanation of cannons and gun history.

On the way home he found  a plastic flowerpot for a hat and some piece of broken plastic for a walking stick. I think he was pretending to be The Cat in the Hat, but I'm not sure. At least this time he wasn't busy eating grey ice from the side of the road.

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