Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Took my Toddler out for a Drag

I took Nat and Thomas to the Royal Ontario Museum this afternoon (so grateful for the membership). Nat's at a great age for starting to be interested in museums, and Thomas is interested in Wide Open Spaces and fences he can duck and ancient art he can climb on. Thank heaven I found the toddler harness before I left, because it would have been even more arduous than it was. With it I just looked abusive and like a miserable inhumane parent who couldn't be bothered to train her child to walk holding hands.

I was constantly being dragged back and forth, trying to keep him from climbing the dinosaur bones or dashing up onto ledges and paleontology displays. At one point he was crawling on all fours and I looked like I was walking my toddler I had mistaken for a dog. He was ballistic.

The hardest part (besides holding thirty-five pounds of wriggling toddler aloft) was that Nat wanted to look at lots of stuff, and wanted to do it with me, and he got more and more upset that I couldn't come every time he found something neat. It was really too bad, because Nat has calmed down enough about the glory of many trips to the museum enough to pay attention to the interactive exhibits and talk to the many volunteers scattered around. We'll have to go back either without Thomas or with an extra big person very soon so Nat can get more out of it.

I'm really tired, especially with hauling Thomas and stroller up and down many flights of stairs for the subway.

Not on topic, but when we were at Toys R We're Never Going Back There on Sunday to pick something out for Nat, one of the toys for sale was (this is me being infantile and scandalous, but whatever) A Just For Laughs or Giggling Woody (From Toy Story). So it was, in essence, a Tickle Me Woody. Surely some marketing person somewhere in the Pixar complex is amazed they actually made his joking suggestion into a toy.


Melanie Bettinelli said...

I love going to the museum but it is very frustrating. I want to talk to each of them about the cool things they find and can't.

lissla lissar said...

I agree. Nat kept wanting me to look at things with him and I was being towed by an energetic toddler who was slowly wearing away at my patience. I really need to go back next week either with another person especially to watch Thomas or find babysitting for him. Finding babysitting for more than just the babies is really difficult, as I'm sure you know.