Saturday, March 30, 2013

Almost Easter

The plan is that the girls and I will go to 9:30 Mass tomorrow. Nat might go, and I was hoping that all of us could make it but Geoff is not doing any better and taking a short walk today exhausted him. I don't want to over-strain him in any way so he'll stay home with Thomas and put away laundry.

I'm very worried and crying a lot, and very grateful for all the help we've been given.  Thomas and the girls are all going through a sort of clingy-needy thing where they want me to hold them constantly or they'll cry, and the past few days have been sort of hopelessly trying to stem the constant wailing while I feel stretched thinner and thinner and my patience grows less and less.

We're praying for a fruitful visit with the doctors on Thursday and a diagnosis. Most preferably a diagnosis with a simple cause and cure.

On a different subject, I have started reading The Name of the Wind, by Patrick Rothfuss. Geoff is reading the second one and gently bullied me into starting so that he would have someone to talk to about it, and also because he says that by the middle of the first one Patrick Rothfuss had become his favourite fantasy author ever. We are fantasy enthusiasts, and I am two hundred pages into it and I may end up agreeing with him. Isabelle, Melanie, Cynthia, Stuart- this is a damn good writer and I think you'd like his books.

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so many things to love... said...

This is a hard patch - I am praying for you.