Thursday, March 07, 2013


A little early. As we were leaving Judith's today Nat picked up a palm-like branch he'd found on the way down and shouted "Hosanna!". We're almost to Palm Sunday, kiddo- no need to rush it.

Trying to decide what to do tomorrow. I'd thought about the museum but I think it takes too much babysitting and general help, and I'm tired. We could go to the drop-in, or we could try to stay home all day without killing each other. If it would stop fracking snowing and warm up we could be outside more.

We're getting into a nice pattern of spending time upstairs with the boys jumping off the furniture and playing simple make-believe games (lots of roaring and running) while the girls wander around on the floor, and having quiet breaks with Nat on my lap and reading. I like it.

I bought unpopular pretzels today shaped like the alphabet. We could do a craft where Nat spells words and glues them on to paper. It's possible. If I could locate the brushes we could also use coloured water to paint (lots of it and it doesn't stain as badly as even washable paint). It just occurred to me that it would be awesome for them to paint with coloured pudding, and they'd love the tactile/sensory/edible part, but it has to be on a day when I feel up to it.

I just spent fifteen minutes looking up messy toddler crafts, and I think I see cloud dough, pudding painting, and cornstarch and water in our near future. And then me having a few glasses of wine before I clean it up. I could do cloud dough in a sensory bin tomorrow instead of taking them out somewhere.

I must be nuts.

I also want fun magnetic shapes for the fridge. I know we gradually lose the letters and numbers all over the house, but in my personal brain it makes sense to just keep replacing them instead of getting mad, searching the house, and uttering dire threats about children who separate magnets from their intended home.

Maybe we can make the magnets.


Steph said...

I have discovered that the, (dry), bathtub is a good location for boys to play with sensory tubs - provided you have a vacuum cleaner. Not to clean the tub, but just in case your instructions, to not remove the plug and pour sensory material into the drain hole, go unheeded. Hopefully they can also be dissuaded from throwing the materials out of the tub or turning on the water faucet. If so, then no worries about small babies eating whatever they are playing with, even when everyone is in the same room, under observation. Not that Elizabeth and Miriam would be happy to just sit there and watch while their brothers get to play with incredibly fascinating stuff, at least if they are anything like Chloe. Sounds like you doing a great job with your crowd.

lissla lissar said...

That sounds good. I'm also waiting for the time when I can force them back out onto the deck. They spent a lot of last summer playing with water out there. I think they've just gone through some developmental leaps that make playing with water INDOORS anything but a disaster. It's a relief.

I wonder if there's enough space in our very small bathtub to let both boys play in it.

I am typing this through a non-transparent Buzz Lightyear doll after having no sleep and no caffeine yet. Typos are Buzz's fault.