Saturday, March 02, 2013

I need more wine

This is primarily a food planning post, because I am suffering from Fridge Blindness (my pantry and freezer and fridge all seem to be stuffed, but I can't figure out what to do with it. Does anyone else have that problem?) and I want to pin down a few thoughts.

First, the Nutella granola is beyond delicious and I am grateful that none of the kids like it. Second, we had baked potato and cheese soup for dinner and the kids didn't like it, either, except for Elizabeth, but that means more for me. Third, I made raspberry fool for dessert, and that wasn't appreciated by the boys but Geoff, the girls and I really liked it. Any dessert made of whipped cream and fruit that takes ten minutes is a winner.

I've thawed meat pasta sauce and chili so I forsee taco rice and spaghetti in our future, plus I have black beans to use up so there will probably be enchiladas and I will have black bean tacos for breakfast. I much prefer savoury food in the morning.

I think that covers from now till Wednesday or so, and if I do fried rice or baked potatoes and chili I might stretch to Thursday or maybe have an anti-bean revolution on my hands.

Tomorrow I want Indian takeout. This is because I am filled with self-pity since Geoff was doing dojo stuff three times in the last seven days, and I love Indian food and look for excuses.

In non-food-related stuff, I'm going to take the girls and Nat to Mass tomorrow morning and I'm trying to figure out what is less problematic in terms of naps and in getting Nat to participate. The 11 am Mass has children's liturgy but means the girls are dead tired at the end and the trip home messes up their naps and keeps Nat from eating at the right time. If I take them to the 9:30 Mass then there's nothing for him to do beside amuse the girls, but I might be able to haul them to Book City after and let Nat look around in the kids' section while I dump the girls on Stacey (who won't be happy) and Carol (who will).

Probably the earlier one is the better bet.

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