Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Internet fast not going well, you'll notice

Because of worry and sleep loss and small children. Do you know how hard it is to read the story of the Last Supper to a small boy who's pulling on his eyelids and going  "Ya la la ya bwah ma?". Without snapping? Really hard. But we've done it and read How The Elephant got His Trunk and if I get Nat to sound out a sentence in a book later we're done educational things for today.

We'll go to the Asian grocery store for vegetables in a bit and then I will have vegetables staring at me accusingly every time I open the fridge, so I might even cook them. There's a chance.

Dinner tonight is a homemade version of a fifties casserole, with leftover ground beef and zucchini sauteed together (big win for dinner- everyone ate it) and leftover mac'n'cheese mixed with some sour cream and I'll bake it. Should be okay and will contain noodles (Thomas's favourite food) and use up leftovers. Also all made of Very Homemade Food, no canned soup, so I feel virtuous.

Must do something with the pot roast.

Tomorrow I'm sort of thinking of doing a Seder-ish thing if I have energy. Can I use the pot roast for it? Dunno.

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