Monday, March 04, 2013

It's Monday

Therefore my goal for this week is to make it to Friday without killing anyone, and maybe even read some books aloud and keep up with the laundry. I think that's a noble goal.

I made it to Mass with the girls, and found out the nine-thirty Mass has been transmuted into the Electric Guitar Mass, (cue Annie Dillard: "Who gave these nice Catholics guitars? I became Catholic specifically and solely to avoid Protestant guitars...") and in the afternoon Nat had a fantastic playdate with Madeline from across the street, where she and Nat played for three straight hours. I think the only real friction was caused by Thomas (Mr. Physical Affection Man) who wanted to hug/strangle/punch Maddie (who is an only, and not used to being attacked all the time). It was great.

Time to shower and stop Thomas from being tormented by his sisters.

I feel great? Why do I feel great? The girls had an incredibly bad night and so did the boys. Maybe I'm running on adrenaline.

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