Friday, March 01, 2013

Might not stretch to seven quick takes:

1. Still feeling crummy, tired, and hypoglycemic all the time. Don't know what's causing it but I might book a doctor's appointment next week and get my iron and thyroid checked, because living in slow motion is a pain.

2. We had a lovely time while my step-MiL was visiting, but I realized something- when I have extra help I usually TRY TO GET THINGS DONE!!!11! Instead of resting or doing fun things. Next time a relative comes to stay I am declaring a Kyra's Day Off and going to bed for the day or something.

3. Don't know how I would manage that, but that's okay.

4. I am officially done with winter. It's March 1st and the projected temps for the next four days are all under freezing. I want out of snowsuits and layers of fleece and into summer things. If it went up to 15C, that would be fine with me.

5. The washer was broken for three days and now it is fixed and I rejoice because our children have clothes again.

6. Is it normal to be so tired from sitting upright that I forget to breathe and I see black spots in front of my eyes? I don't think so. Problem. Also should we have black bean tacos for dinner, and would they be improved by me actually getting up and putting the beans on to cook?

7. Just finished Branden Sanderson's Mistborn trilogy yesterday evening. It was enjoyable, especially how everything pulled together at the end. I read it on the Kobo and that is not the ideal for fantasy novels. I like to flip back and forth and read the last page first (this makes Geoff nuts) and none of that is easy on the Kobo. About the book- didn't like a lot of the dialogue. Too modern and flippant. Rest of the story was good, though.

Hey, I made it into seven takes. Yay for me!

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