Friday, March 01, 2013

Picture takes: heavy on the Nutella

Delicious cookies made of Nutella

Baby-proof track up on table

Giant jar in action

Nutella granola

Elizabeth thinking

I just made Nutella granola riffing loosely on Isabelle's (her blog Crumb is on the sidebar and if you enjoy beautiful food pics and perfect recipes you should check it out). I never measure for granola, which is dry ingredient held togegther by some oil and sticky stuff. It hasn't fully cooled but mine has hazelnuts, granola, peanut butter, almonds, oats, hemp seed, brown sugar, and Nutella in it, and it's insanely delicious. Haven't put the chocolate chips in yet. I think I'll eat it with milk or vanilla yogurt.

I have had to take away Nat's new water bottle because he filled it with baby carrots and I can't figure out how to get them out.

Should get off the computer because Miriam has just arrived, crying and rolling a baking potato across the floor, and I need to find out what's wrong, and where she got the potato. I wish I were making this stuff up.

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