Monday, March 25, 2013

Please pray

Or think good thoughts, or whatever you like. Geoff is in hospital awaiting diagnosis and has, since he left for Emergency at five-thirty this evening, had bloodwork and a CAT scan and an I.V. I'm at home with the kids and won't see him until tomorrow morning at the earliest, and I'm trying to sleep and not imagine all the worst possible causes for his dizziness, numbness, and nerve pain, which is hard knowing the kind of tests they're doing and with all of my brain screaming horrible things.

Amy, Sally, Melanie, Dora, and my other internet friends, please pray that this is a small problem that is easily resolved, and I'll try to go to bed and hug whichever child I'm lying with and try to sleep and not agonize that I'm not with him.


Sally Thomas said...

Praying now, Kyra. God keep you all.

so many things to love... said...

I'm praying. And may God give you the deepest sleep ever.

Sally Thomas said...

What news?

lissla lissar said...

CAT scan and xrays were normal. Abnormally low blood sodium, which is not because of our amazing low-salt diet, so that's a worry. It's not a stroke or cancer. He came home at one and is going to be a warm body at work for the next couple of days, and then we have ten days off.

He's going to see a whole lot of specialists next week. Having ruled out stroke and cancer I'm now worrying about MS and trying to give it up to God.

As I was telling Judith yesterday the hard part is not in trusting God, but in not thinking that His desire is to keep us safe from Things We Don't Want, like illness and discomfort, and trusting that He can bring good even out of the bad things that happen.

lissla lissar said...

Which is bloody frigging hard.

so many things to love... said...

Oh my gosh I'm glad he's home and there's an update. DO NOT GOOGLE THINGS.

However, please do periodically break your internet fast and let us know what's happening.