Friday, March 22, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: Happy Birthday Thomas!

1. By 'Happy Birthday', I mean I wish everyone had been asleep between three and five this morning instead of partying. Kids these days...

It was very sweet to go into your room this morning at five and hear you sweetly ask, "Mommy, do you like-um my Daddy? I yove Daddy." You are talking a bit like a bad Western movie Indian and it cracks me up.

2. Have been reading about the history of attachment therapy and girls' development and feel a little discombobulated. I need some time to process. I think I should find something spiritual to read during Holy Week. I'm sitting next to a copy of The Dark Night of the Soul but I'm not sure I'm up to that level of seriousness.

3. The girls have been chasing each other around and giggling at least once every couple of days. They're really playing with each other. It's very cute.

4. I have reached the stage of sleep loss and party-looming where I have thrown out all my grandiose and nervous plans and am going for Playdate with Cake. I baked another blue cake yesterday and it didn't leave the pans gracefully but it will be heavily iced. I still have to buy chips and make dip and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

5. There are two screaming babies attached to my knees. Reason for screaming- not being held right now. I have just spent most of the last hour holding and nursing them, so I am not that sympathetic. I don't think they're about to starve.

6. Yesterday I was full of energy- I made breakfast and started a pot roast and four loaves of bread, danced with the kids, had a visit with Judith and her little ones, did the grocery shopping and got Easter things and presents for Thomas, and generally was full of bounce. Today I will do the laundry and we will have macaroni and cheese for dinner.

7. Bread and butter for lunch? Sounds good and about my level of complicated right now.

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