Friday, March 08, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: Vaguely Educational

1. I like self-directed play for kids because it means I can go do something else while they are concentrating. This morning I filled a big under-bed bin with water and toys. Nat played for an hour, Thomas intermittently.


2. I think I'll keep the bin set up, and even fill a second bin I found. The second bin will either be cloud dough or rice or something. I will then store them in the basement and have Insta-Distractions with minimal hassle.

3. Part of what Nat was doing was drowning a model of Big Bill Ritchie (from Farmer Boy) because he was a bad guy. Fair enough. I think Thomas was making balls out of the tinfoil boats I made.

4. This makes me long for a schoolroom/playroom area. We have the kitchen (not the right shape for a table), the diningroom-cum-office, and the livingroom. Our basement is unfinished and filled with kid-unfriendly things like power tools. I am looking forward with fierce desire to the warmer time when we can go outside to do messy play and run around.

5. Because it's warmer today I am suddenly longing for nature study and to buy a lot of field guides. I shouldn't do it because I went to the Dangerous Toy Store nearby with the boys and bought more magnetic letters and a really cool magnetic sort of paper-doll house set, for making different kinds of houses. We also got spoons and funnels and things for water play.

6. Would making fridge magnets with big glass gems and little magnets be too choking-hazard for the girls? I really like having things in the kitchen that everyone can play with without having toys all over the floor.


He needs a haircut. Isn't the set cool?

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